New Product Development

How We Develop Our Products:

Using exciting artwork and characters from the videogame industry, we form a product image that will make both licensors and gamers proud to display our products.  As gamers ourselves, we know what people want to see in a product, and we make sure to keep the fans in mind throughout the development process.  New and exciting product development is underway, so check back to see what else Epic-Scents will be offering to licensors and gamers!

Fragrance Selection:

As we always say, graphics are important, but it’s the fragrance that will both make the product complete and keep our fans coming back for more.  With over 40 years of experience in the fragrance industry behind us, we bring a wealth of knowledge to product development.  First, we prepare a brief describing the character’s traits, personality, and history, as well the title’s demographic and related information.  We bring that brief to a team of expert perfumers.  These perfumers, scientists as much as artists, work with our creative team selecting a fragrance that will match both the tastes of the product demographic as well as the personality and feel of the character or world.