Why should I follow you on Facebook, Google +, and Twitter?

 To keep up to date with our latest products and announcements, to see what great contests we’re running, and to meet up with other fans of your favorite games and fragrances.

Where can I find your products?

To purchase Scent-Blasters and other Epic-Scents products, they are available at thinkgeek.com, amazon.com, and will be coming soon to your local “Play and Trade,” comic, anime, and collectible stores!  If you do not see them there, please be sure to ask for them!

Retailers, please contact Diamond Distributors, Grace Marketing Company, BigBadToyStore, and Triple A Anime to add our products to your store.

Want to become a distributor of Epic-Scents and Scent Blaster products? Please contact us directly by phone, email or submitting a contact form.

Where are Epic-Scents products made?

Epic-Scents products are proudly made in the USA.

Will your air fresheners damage my car or clothing?

Absolutely not! Our products are tested to ensure the safety of the user and are designed for use in your car, home, or office space.  All products undergo intense stability studies and must meet our strict quality guidelines.  Otherwise, they go back into development to improve product performance and ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

What makes you different than other air freshener companies?

We feel that many other companies focus on EITHER the fragrance or the graphics.  It either looks good and smells like bland vanilla, or smells great but is not visually appealing.  Our products are designed to combine exciting and dynamic graphics, with sophisticated fragrances that appeal to our audience.  More than that, our fragrances are designed to specifically match the character or title featured on our air freshener.

Will your fragrance products bring about the Zombie Apocalypse?

Of course not…..but that’s a very intelligent question to ask…..you must have a nice, large brain……

How long will the air freshener’s fragrance last in my car?

We design our products so that the fragrance lasts three to four weeks.  This can be affected by the temperature and environment they are used in, but we want to make sure that our products last long enough to satisfy our customers.  After 3-4 weeks, you can replace the air freshener with your favorite Epic-Scents product, or try one of our new offerings!

What other products will Epic-Scents offer in the future?

Due to agreements with our partners, we cannot divulge details about future projects. What we can say, is that through personal experience working with fragrances over the years, the creators of the Epic-Scents product line have identified many aspects of the gaming world that would offer a more complete sensory experience with the addition of fragrance. We look forward to expanding our product offerings and delivery systems for the benefit of both our partners and end use customers.