About Us

The Epic-Scents journey began as an idea between two chemists, David and Andrew, who had an epiphany after discussing their love of both chemistry and video games; why was there no high quality fragrance merchandise in the Video Game industry?  Fragrance has been shown to evoke powerful emotions and memory response; it seemed only natural that fragrance depth and stimulating character graphics would be a powerful combination.

Jim joined the team after the two chemists realized they couldn’t market themselves out of a wet paper bag. Jim provided direction and a sense of uniformity to the approaches taken to develop Epic-Scents. Now we’re working with some of the video game industry’s leaders, developing fragranced products for their characters and game worlds.

Epic-Scents was born at Bedoukian Research Inc, an American company which has globally become a leading name in the Flavor & Fragrance industry for supplying high quality and unique ingredients for over 40 years.

Distribution and offices located at: 21 Finance Drive, Danbury, Ct 06810